Golf Aid

The Helicopter Golf

Only $19.99

​The Helicopter® is easy to use, immediate feedback cure your slice and hook, improve your accuracy and reduce your score. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Or your money back! Forget about the hazards! With The Helicopter® you will learn to reach the fairway every time.

Whats Included

  • The Helicopter® golf training aid
  • An instructional DVD
  • A booklet with the best golf lessons with free download in English, Spanish, German and Japanese versions
  • Assistance by phone with your training
  • Free Shipping within the U.S.
  • Lifetime Warranty


​Ken Seaman (Ridgecrest , California)

​“I have been using the Helicopter for a little over a month. The step by step instructions for the seven positions are very helpful. I plan to continue to use the Helicopter”

​Gary Wilkes (Middleburg , Florida)

​“This product does help with club alignment at impact. It’s easy to install”

​Jose Romero (Land of Lakes , Flrorida)

​“Their best feature is lining up and addresses the ball with target line”

Additional Information

​Compatible with other training aids
​ You can combine the Helicopter with other training aids.
Ideal for begginers or advanced players
​ Learn how to play and then refresh your muscle memory for the rest of your life
​Easy and Simple
​ You can use it on your clubs and putter. Carry it everywhere and train at home, office or at the driving range hitting balls.
​Improve your score
​Good for all ages
Take it everywhere
​Use it on your club and putter
No field required
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
No Thinking Required
Easy to Assemble
Lifetime Warranty