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The Helicopter is a training aid that help you to train the full swing step by step, showing you the club face position during the stages of the swing. You will be able to test your arms and hands position during those stages, repeat the proper motion and create the wright muscle memory, receiving the immediate feed back from the blades. You also can train the putting swing. For more information click here to see the videos.
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US Patent number 7'258.622
Tested and approved by PGA Partners Club and Golf Illustrated Magazine.
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The Helicopter® is easy to use, immediate feedback cure your slice and hook, improve your accuracy and reduce your score.

Take it everywhere

We don’t just make The Helicopter® easy to use, we also make it easy to carry, so you can always carry it in your golf bag.

Use it on your club and putter

If you already own other training aids you can use them with The Helicopter® to make the most out of them.

No field required

Use it to tran at home, office or at the driving range hitting balls. Just practice the exercise and the feedback from The Helicopter® will help you repeat the necessary movements.

Improve your score

Your score will improve from day one. With The Helicopter® you will acquire muscle memory and be able to hit the ball straight every time.

Good for all ages

Every body can train with The Helicopter® Golf Training Aid. Excellent for kids. Adults, Seniors, hearing-impaired people.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We ship worldwide and offer lifetime warranty. With The Helicopter® you will learn to play golf or your money back!

No Thinking Required

Just watch the blades and receive immediate feedback, The Helicopter® will help you repeat the necesary movements.

Easy to Assemble

The Helicopter® has been designed to be use it on your club and putter. Installing it wil take you less than 10 seconds.

Lifetime Warranty

If your product is broken, irregular or defective in any way, you can return it the and we will send you another in perfect condition.


The Helicopter® golf training aid teaches you how to hit straight, draw or fade

How to train the full swing and cure your slice

How to train your putting swing

How to train before a round

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Our costumers say

Just a few words from them...

“I gave the Helicopter a good rating. It’s a very good aid + easy to use. I also asked the local PGA teaching pros to try it and they also recommend it for all level of players”

Jerry Hamilton (Auburn, California).

“Its so simple to use. Anyone could use it. Now I can fade the ball which I could not do before”

Paul H. Epley (Lexington, North Carolina)

“The Helicopter manual is a good fundamental instruction on a solid swing path. Training with The Helicopter device gives instant feedback and leads to a more consistent swing path. I spray less shots. The Helicopter has helped me keep more shots in a narrower pattern. I would recommend it My partners said my swing form had improved dramatically”

James Gabriel (Jacksonville, Florida)

“The Helicopter gave me a good indication of were I was hitting the ball. Also it improves my swing and accuracy”

Ronald Batt (Mesa, Arizona)

“The Helicopter gave me excellent visualization of the target line in relationship to the club face angle”

William Beeman (Lake Lure, North Carolina)

“My first reaction was 'what in the world is this?'. However, after attaching the helicopter to my club and working with it I have added considerable yardage to my drives since I used the Helicopter. Thanks”

Tom Kessler (Elk Grove, California)

“This product definitely helps. You get the clubface square at address and contact by using the yellow blades. It is also easy to check the position of the club face”

Howard Esterson (Banning California)

“My partners were amazed at how my game improved. With minimum practice, I was able to hit draw, fade and straight shots consistently. It’s a great tool to develop your muscle memory to refine your game”

Douglas Cole (Parkland Florida)


Includes a DVD (English and Spanish versions) and a booklet with the best full golf lesson.

Only $19.99